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Foundation Scripture

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Overview & History

The inception of the Austin Tyler Foundation Inc. was inspired by the true story of Ladonna Wilkerson, a domestic violence victim. Unfortunately, the end of her story was a very tragic one… she is indeed one of the real faces of domestic violence. The 31-year-old woman whose smile masks a terrible secret, and her 4-year-old son, Austin Tyler, were both shot by the man who asked to marry her. 

Austin was shot to death on September 21, 2004, as he stood outside with his mother at the Dougherty County Pre-K building in Albany, Georgia. Ladonna’s estranged boyfriend, an on-duty police officer who had taken an oath to protect and serve, was upset because Ladonna planned to move to metro Atlanta, Georgia, with their son. Enraged, he shot Ladonna, their son Austin, and then killed himself.

Mission & Vision

The Austin Tyler Foundation will bring awareness of domestic abuse to women and their children by embracing, educating, and empowering them as well as the community. These efforts will break the cycle of domestic violence so that victims will live beyond the abuse and live a fulfilling life.

Let’s start with awareness but make prevention our priority.

“Every hurt there is a heart”

Meet the compassionate hearts steering The Austin Tyler Foundation towards a brighter, abuse-free future. Our dedicated team is fueled by a shared mission.

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