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The Austin Tyler Foundation (ATF) Inc. is committed to sharing crucial, life-saving information with victims of domestic abuse and the community at large and engaging and partnering with individuals and organizations to help achieve our mission to end domestic violence.


Public awareness is a cornerstone of ATF Inc.’s mission and advocacy. ATF Inc. believes that it is imperative to increase public awareness about the terrible effects of domestic violence in our country, where it's estimated that one in four women will be victimized in her lifetime.



ATF Inc. engages in public awareness initiatives that are aimed at raising awareness of domestic abuse in the community and providing information regarding the services and resources available to victims needing help.



Ongoing awareness efforts include events, outreach to social media, resources, and materials to alert the public about the widespread incidence of domestic violence against women and children. We also provide valuable resources and crucial, life-saving information that connects victims with the resources and services provided by our ongoing programs.



Each October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, ATF Inc., along with government and corporate partners, engages in public awareness activities intended to spotlight domestic abuse and demonstrate our commitment to address domestic violence in our society.


ATF Inc. provides the following services:


  • Safety Plans

  • Back To School Bags

  • Adopt-A-Shelter @ Christmas

  • Support Groups


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